viernes, 28 de junio de 2013

Thornspawn - Istidraj - "Sacreligious unification (Spwan of abominable darkness and hate) - Split CD available / disponible


The diabolikal force that is Thornspawn return with 4 unholy orations towards the infernalia. The great incinerators of diseased Jerusalem trample over all pathetic  new comers, gasmask posers, fake "thrash"/trash trendies with this BESTIAL BLACK METAL Sonic Torment. After 2 decades they continue to strangle your pathetic "scene" and another 20 more years to cum!


Unleashing doom upon humanity & holiness! featuring 4 new Unholy hymns from each bands, to mark their 20 years annihellsary of reign eternal in their Blasphemik Black Metal holocaust!

Laminated booklet with, 24 x 24 cm poster for both bands and 150 copies comes with patches, Thornspawn patch is desinged by Juanjo Castellano, Istidraj Patch in color

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