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Iron, Blood & Death Label review on Cross Fire web

Exordium Mors - Disponible 8 de Julio de 2014 - Exordium Mors - Available

Estas son las palabras que intentan describir la fuerza impia llamada Exordium Mors, vieron la luz en las llanuras oscuras de los Tartaros en 2004, 10 años despues, las llamas aun queman con su actual alineacion, Santi (Guitarra), Black Mortum (Guitarra), Scourge Witchfvkker (Voces), Hades (Bateria) y Assailant (Bajo), el quinteto ejecuta un diabolicamente destructivo Thrash infectado de Black y Death inspirado por dioses malignos como Bathory, Order From Chaos, Destroyer 666 e Impiety, a lo cual un magazine como Voices From The Darkside describe como "Un grupo que vomita y escupe apestoso death black en su forma mas cruda y maldita."   

These are all but words that attempt to describe the unholy force which is Exordium Mors.  They surfaced from the dark plains of Tartarus in 2004. 10 years later, the Promethean flames still burn bright with the current lineup featuring Santi (Guitars), Black Mortum (Guitars), Scourge Witchfvkker (Vocals), Hades (Drums) and Assailant (Bass). The formidable quintet churh out a diabolically destructive thrash-infected black/death force inspired by the evil gods Bathory, Order From Chaos, Destroyer 666, and Impiety that Voices from the Darkside described as "Deadly, vomit-reeking and blood-spitting Black/Death Metalat its most wicked and rawest form."

Puedes checar un avance de su produccion en you tube y bandcamp, You can check promo songs on youtube and bandcamp

Algunas opiniones de la prensa en su campaña de promocion / Press Quotes

"The Apotheosis of Death is a volatile album. An inferno of ideas. One of New Zealand metal’s most belligerent and iron-willed releases yet." - Steel For Brains

"Exordium Mors’ metal has a markedly pitiless temper, much like that of fellow New Zealand kin Witchrist, Winter Deluge and Diocletian...what makes Exordium Mors stand out from the pack is their ability to evoke the call of metal’s heritage yet retain their own distinct personality. Few bands on NZ’s metal landscape are so effectively malicious." - Six Noises

"Metal of this calibre deserves not to be restricted by geography and communication boundaries, but to be experienced by all the world's lovers of the blackened, the deadly, the thrashing and the downright evil." - Metal Temple

"Deadly, vomit-reeking and blood-spitting Black / Death Metal this is basically at its most wicked and rawest form" - Voices from the Darkside

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Exordium Mors sings with Iron, Blood & Death Corp.

Spread the news, Exordium Mors from New Zeland will unleashed new release "The Apotheosis of Death" - CD under our flag, more info soon.